I have tried and failed to explain an endless number of ideas and things I was working on. At a cocktail party, my parents, in investor meetings. Why weren’t they getting it?

At best, the people you talk to see what things are now. Not what it could be. …

My university professor introduced our little study group to something called Bloom’s taxonomy. Essentially, a taxonomy which quantifies depth of knowledge about a subject and goes something like this:

Going from bottom to the top, we were asked:

— Can you say one or two words about a topic?


Idea generation and evaluation processes for startups

Photo by Leonel Fernandez on Unsplash

In our last article, my Quantap startup co-founder Connor described how we’re tackling the COVID-19 downturn. In short, we’re lucky to have enough resources to weather the storm by remaining lean and hyper-focused on customer exploration.

Today, we wanted to share our experiences and techniques for Customer Development which have…

Niklas Quarfot Nielsen

A Dane, madly in love with science and engineering, and is a newly hatched entrepreneur

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