Writing to learn - a possible path to digital hygiene

My university professor introduced our little study group to something called Bloom’s taxonomy. Essentially, a taxonomy which quantifies depth of knowledge about a subject and goes something like this:

Going from bottom to the top, we were asked:

— Can you say one or two words about a topic?

— Can you talk about it for 1 to 5 minutes?

— Can you use the topic in practice?

— Do you understand why it works?

— Can you critique it and compare it to other topics?

— And lastly, can you create true alternatives?

Why bring this up? I suspect we barely go beyond remembering when we browse the internet.

I thought of this when scrolling through my daily feed of low calorie news this morning. Why do I keep doing this? I know the infinite scroll of these websites are essentially is cognitive casino tempting our reptile brains, but what if we went into consuming content with purpose like the one outlined in Bloom’s taxonomy deeper levels?

I often end up with a fragmented understanding after having scrolled the news. Maybe remembering one or two details before using it in conversation. Let alone being aware of truthfulness of news articles, I suspect this contributes to information eco chambers and division we are experiencing the devastating effects of.

But when we have to write about a topic, we have to sit down, read and distill information and through that act;

  • Go seek information from more than one place
  • Focus on fewer things at once
  • Much more likely to remember the details

I’ll try to do this and this was my first example. Happy writing.

A Dane, madly in love with science and engineering, and is a newly hatched entrepreneur